Digital Leadership and Industry 4.0

Steinbeis India is a premier company that is providing the training on Industry 4.0, the latest course that is in high demand these days. Industry 4.0 is elucidated as the fusion of digitalization with traditional industrial processes which results in intelligent value chains and product life cycles that start with development, go through the manufacturing of the product, its assembly, delivery and maintenance, and end with recycling. Industry 4.0 training courses will let you explore how the change can be brought in the current manufacturing technologies and processes by digitising the value chain. The course emphasizes on “predictive maintenance/analytics.” This is all about predicting when probable problems are going to arise before they actually happen. With Steinbeis University Germany, we provide industry 4.0 certification course that integrates rich, interactive learning activities as well as traditional didactic components. This course is specifically designed for students and the automation solution providers, end users in manufacturing like automobile, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals and process industries, production, designers, innovators, manufacturing managers and many more. Our company is a renowned name in providing online training on industry 4.0 where you will get the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the domain, offering benefits of world-class training, interactive learning style and networking opportunity.

Digital Leadership and Industry 4.0

Main drivers for digitization, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), Overview of digitization technologies


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