Placement Companies

Sunniva Renewables Pvt Ltd
Inspire Clean Energy Pvt. Ltd
ESolar Shoppe
RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd
Sterling And Wilson Pvt. Ltd
Tactical Solutions
Tropical Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd
HBL Power Systems Limited
Greentek India Pvt. Ltd
Abacus Technologies Pvt Ltd
S Cube Energy and Infra Pvt Ltd
Cygni Energy Private Limited
Systemic Electric Pvt Limited
PPS Enviro Power Pvt Ltd
Ecozen Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Cira Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd
Solon India Pvt Ltd
AGK Green Energy Pvt. Ltd
Four Solar Energy Systems
Pvt Ltd
Smarttrak Solar Systems
Pvt. Ltd
Sree Nandhee's Technologies Pvt Ltd
WindStream Energy Technologies India Pvt Ltd
KUKA Robotics Pvt. Ltd
Robotics & Automation
Foreman Machine Tools Pvt Ltd
SEP India Pvt. Ltd
Raghav Aerospace
Medha Servo Drives Private Limited
Engineering Staff College of India

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